Why choose Deerbrooke in Leander, Tx?

Why choose Deerbrooke in Leander, Tx?

Published | Written by Brandon Holley

Disclosure: Transcribed from video. The wording may be off.

Deerbrooke is a fantastic community with so much to offer, so let's take a look inside one of the model homes, the communities amenity center, and let's chat with one of the residents to see what they love about this master plan community.

What's up, everyone! I am Brandon Holley with Holley Homes Realty, coming from Austin, Texas. Today we are continuing our tours around new construction communities in Central Texas with Deerbrooke. What makes deer brook so special? Check it out! 

(video trails)

They've done a great job of building these trails throughout this community, and as you can see by this next video, there is a lot to explore

(video trails)

I set out to get some footage for everyone, and 1.8 miles later, I ended up on the other side of the community, which is great if you're dressed for it. I was not, and it made it a little bit difficult. However, it is beautiful, and it is great for hiking, it is great for biking, and it is great for walking. I never lost service on my phone, which was great, and I could figure out exactly where I needed to go to get back to my truck. Obviously, the scenic trails are not the only thing you're going to be looking for whenever you move to any community so let's take a look at one of the model homes in Deerbrooke and see if it's something you could picture yourself in.

(video model home)

As I mentioned earlier, Leander is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation. 

Deerbrooke has six builders within the community, which allows for quite a few different options

When completed, there will be 785 single-family homes, and plans for townhomes are still in the works

Deerbrooke is 20 miles from the domain, 29 miles to Austin, and 35 miles to Austin Bergstrom airport

The Austin metro station is also conveniently located only 2.4 miles away. This line goes all the way to downtown so that you can skip traffic. It also drops off at Q2 so that you can hit all the Austin FC games. 

(video model home)

How about that bathtub? I can see myself with a glass of scotch kicking back after a long day of doing yard work. We have a beautiful house. We have awesome trails. What about the amenities center? Let's look at that next!

(video amenity center)

I wish that I could have a little bit better weather to see how beautiful the pool is. However, it's February here in Texas, and you never know what you're going to get, so let's transition from thinking about sitting next to the pool to going to school. 

What can you expect in Leander? The students start at Jim Plain Elementary School, which has an extremely strong reading and math curriculum. They then go to Stacy K. Danielson Middle School, which is brand new and opened in 2020. Then they finish at Tom Glenn High School, which has been called the high school of the future due to its unique learning model. 

(video maps)

You can also see the distances from Deerbrooke to each of these schools. Plain elementary is 2.2 miles, Danielson middle school is .5 miles, and Glen high school is one mile.

St. David's Emergency Center is right down the street, but there's also Cedar Park Regional Medical Center if that doesn't work out. There's an Austin Regional Clinic, and there's also a CareNow Urgent Care with many other medical centers in the area, all right.

If you're like me, you love to cook, so where are the grocery stores? There's everything that you need within a few miles from Deerbrooke. As you can see, there's plenty of other shopping with Target, Walmart, Costco, and Sam's Club very conveniently located. And if you want to get out and explore nature, there are some cool parks close by. There are also two public golf courses with Crystal Falls Golf Club and Avery Ranch. 


Now, let's move to what prices have done over the past ten years. So let's take a look at those graphs. In 2012 the median close price was $155,000, and in 2021 the median close price was $449,990. If you're on the fence about buying and you're still renting, this is a pretty good graph to look at. In 2012 the median close price for a lease was $1,295. In 2021 the median close price for a lease was $2,095.

I am not trying to scare you with those numbers. It's getting pretty expensive all over the nation, so before you make any moves, speak with a real estate professional to figure out what's best for you. It's always good to have somebody that you trust in your corner. What makes Deerbrooke so special? Let's talk to one of my good buddies and a past client that bought in Deerbrooke last summer.

"Yeah so we've been here for about six months now uh everything's going really well you know first thing is that everybody that i've met in the neighborhood has been really nice so that's always a great start to any neighborhood um something i really didn't think about until i've been living here for a while is the kind of the st the state of the families that are here and what stage they are in their lives so now that we're here in this new neighborhood there are a lot more younger families so if you have a younger child there's just a lot more opportunities to make friendships all these kids will be in the same neighborhood and they'll go to the same schools so it's just a lot nicer to be able to uh connect with families that are kind of in the same stage of their lives area what can you tell me kind of about the area i know there's uh some restaurants pretty close do you feel that you need to get away from the community to enjoy it or is everything really close by uh you know the things that are important are really close by there are there are some restaurants around the area that are that are really nice um most important thing to me is always going to be how close am i to an heb so we're 10 minutes away from an heb it's about three miles away so that's always really nice to have not having to drive too far to get to some groceries uh beyond that right across from the heb is actually where the red line is so you know if you wanted to you can take the train station and you could go you know all the way down to saltillo plaza in east austin so if you want to hit up east austin if you want to hit up downtown if you want to hit up the domain area if you want to go to an austin fc game you could just take the red line and get down there and not have to worry about parking or anything like that so having that you know also 10 minutes from the house is great and so we've used that a bunch and we really appreciated it being there".

All right, so that is the community of Deerbrooke, if you have questions, please let me know!

*Disclaimer - All neighborhoods are different. Please speak to an agent to get all the facts straight. Also, equity is not guaranteed and fluctuates with the real estate market.

If you have questions about new construction, please reach out to me. The builder pays the commission, and it is my job to be knowledgeable about these communities.

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