EXCITING growth and the future of Austin!

EXCITING growth and the future of Austin!

Published | Written by Brandon Holley

Disclosure: Transcribed from video. The wording may be off. 

Austin, Texas, is booming, so what does that mean for future growth? Today we're going to look inside and see what south Austin has in store. Master-planned communities, commercial spaces, and parks are planned. Places that I'm excited about, so let's take a look.

Thank you so much for watching today. My name is Brandon Holley, and I am the owner/broker of Holley Homes Realty here in Austin, Texas. What I've been doing in the past is highlighting new construction communities, new builds, and good stuff. Today we're going to pivot from that, and we're going to look at some of the commercial aspects built here in south Austin. So if you are interested to find out some more information about commercial development, new development, communities, all of that, please hit like and subscribe. Leave some comments on stuff you're interested in. I'd love to get to that kind and continue to help you all be successful. If you are looking to buy a new home, we will start.

Today, with mixed-use development, I highlight three places in south Austin and southeast Austin. We're going to start with brody oak shopping center, then river park and velocity. I've gotten all of this information off the internet. Obviously, where else would I get information from? I will put links to all of the websites in the description if you're interested in some more information so let's kick it off with a brody oak shopping center. Here is a map of where the mixed-use developments will be located in south Austin.

Brodie Shopping Center will be a one billion dollar development that will begin Q4 in 2022 and will probably take around a decade to finish. It will be 36.7 acres of office, retail, residential, multi-family, and hotel space. Plus, 13.7 acres of open space will create 1,600 residential apartments, 450 hotel rooms, 1.1 million square feet of office space, and 10 affordable housing will be set aside. The river park development, much like the brody oaks development, will revamp the 12-acre park green retail center plus another 97 acres of the surrounding area. This is a transient-oriented development developed around future Austin metro lines. This will be 10 million square feet of office, retail, residential, and multi-family. Hotel space plus 30 acres of open space and access to Guerrero park in a two-acre signature park overlooking country club creek and 400 units will be set aside for affordable housing. This next multi-use development will be named velocity. He will be the hub. It will bring 7 million square feet of much-needed shops, restaurants, office space, and multi-family dwellings. There will be 3,000 multi-family units, 3.3 million square feet of office space, 600,000 square feet of flex space, and 250,000 square feet of other commercial space.

The anchor of this neighborhood will be 3.5 acres of central park and 100 plus acres of parkland and open space.

It's really exciting news for commercial development, but what about single-family residential. Let's look at a few of the new master-planned communities that will begin construction. Let's start by looking at their locations compared to central Austin. This community will have 2,500 single-family homes, 1,500 apartments, townhomes, duplexes, and quadruplexes. This community will have 2,500 single-family homes, 1,500 apartments, townhomes, duplexes, and quadruplexes. There will be 75 acres set aside for commercial space construction will begin this year 2022, with homes selling in 2023—five builders gen Lennar, David weekly, Highland Homes, and MI homes.

Turner's crossing is the next community, and it is already actively selling homes. It will cover 460 acres and have over 1300 single-family homes. There are three builders Meritage homes, tri-point homes, and Taylor Morrison. The amenities will include trails, ponds, and pool homes selling from the upper 300s prairie lake is the third community being built by dr Horton and will cover 1 000 acres. There will be 200 single-family homes, 20 acres of apartments, duplexes, and 20 acres of commercial space prices are expected to start in the low 300s

The Kyle/Buda area is booming, and it accounts for 11.5 of the new homes being constructed. So I'm excited about some of these developments, especially the Brody Oak Shopping Center. That's been an eyesore off of South Lamar for quite some time now. So it'll be really exciting to see what they do with that, you know, this is just a small portion of south Austin, or south of Austin there is so much construction going on all over the area, so please let me know if there's something that you'd like me to cover or something that I should know.

Thank you so much for tuning in, and if you would like more information on any of these communities, please drop a comment below. I will add you to my email list, and please hit like and subscribe for updates on new neighborhoods and future developments. Also, check out my latest video right here.

*Disclaimer - All neighborhoods are different. Please speak to an agent to get all the facts straight. Also, equity is not guaranteed and fluctuates with the real estate market.

If you have questions about new construction, please reach out to me. The builder pays the commission, and it is my job to be knowledgeable about these communities. 

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