New Construction at 6 Creeks in the Hill Country

New Construction at 6 Creeks in the Hill Country

Published | Written by Brandon Holley

Disclosure: Transcribed from video. The wording may be off. 

Where can you find hill country living that won't break the bank and is only 25 minutes from downtown Austin? The answer is 6 creeks in Kyle, Texas. This master-planned community is still in the early stages of development, so buyers still have some great opportunities. Let's take a look at what makes this community great!

How are y'all doing today? My name is Brandon Holley, and I am the owner/broker of Holley Homes Realty here in Austin, Texas. Stop what you're doing and talk to a real estate agent about new construction if you are thinking about buying right now. I had someone watching one of these videos email me, we spoke briefly, and he didn't think he would be able to qualify to buy a home right now. However, I was like, let's look at some places and see what's going on out there, and we got him under contract for something that day.

As of right now, people are still a year out from getting these inventory homes constructed and ready for you to move in. So, you have a year to get credit up, the funds available, and a year to get everything under control, so don't wait any longer. Go ahead and talk to somebody and see if something is available for you. We are continuing the project of hitting a new community each week, so if you like the content hit like hit subscribe so you can get updates to all those recent videos. So, today we are back in the hill country, visiting six creeks in Kyle, Texas. This community is awesome and has so much to offer. There are going to be hiking trails that go throughout the hill country. There's going to be a fishing pond that's catch and release for you to enjoy, and also a great amenity center that will be opening later this year. So, without further wait, let's go ahead and check out one of the awesome model homes.

There are five builders in this community Taylor Morrison, Perry Homes, Meritage Homes, Coventry Homes, and Highland Homes.

6 creeks are now selling in phase eight of 26. When completed, there will be 2090 homes

Lots vary in size ranging from 50 feet to 70 feet there are also plans for 150 garden homes.

As of now, prices are starting in the mid-400s, but with each release, prices are increasing.

This model is 2,454 square feet with four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a study off of the kitchen.

So that's just one of the many model homes out there that you can tour to get a feel of what these homes look like, you know, structures, all of that good stuff. They are only a fourth of the way done with the community, which means the amenity center has not been built yet. However, they do have a plan for what that will look like, so let's take a look.

This is where one of the amenity centers will be this is a rendering of what the amenity center will look like.

This pond will be catch and released and open to all residents.

The hill country vibe is alive with that amenity center, and I will keep you up to date as I find out some more information about the time frame going from the mini center. First, let's talk about the school system 6 creeks are part of hayes ISD, where the students will go to the amazing Negley elementary school. From there, they attend barton middle school and hayes high school. The amazing thing about six streets is its convenient location to all the schools. As you can see, the furthest one is hayes high school, that's only 2.1 miles away. For all you parents out there, I can imagine having your kids be able to walk to school every single morning will take a load off of your plate which would be extremely helpful. So the schools are super close by, but what else is out there? Let's take a look.

Shout out to all my injury-prone people out there; the most important slide of the day here is the area's major hospitals and clinics. Kyle is rapidly growing, and along with that, you have many different shopping and dining options Kholers crossing has a lot of really cool shops. Also, a Costco is coming soon to that area. Kyle is in the process of building an extensive trail system that will link up with the button creek. They are also developing some cool outdoor spaces, coming to the heroes memorial park soon. You can also check out armadillo disc golf which is a cool spot.

Here are all the communities selling in this area. There are some cool ones, Anthem, Cypress Forest, Paramount, and also, if you have not already, go check out my video on South Grove.

You can also download my free community guide in the description below. I always try to find a good transition into this next slide. However, I think we're all in the same boat and wish we had bought it 10 years ago when things were more affordable. So if you are in the market right now, it is important to know to price, and here are the 10-year trends for buying and leasing in this area.

As you can see, in 2012, the median close price was 250 000. I wish I had a time machine. You could go back to that because now, in 2022, it's almost $450,000

Here's where things are really interesting because in 2012, you could rent a property for a little under $1,300 a month, and now in 2022, that's above $2,200. I know we wish we could all turn back the clock or predict the future, but with the way the market is right now, these are really solid prices. The homes are gorgeous, the builders are fantastic, and the community is nice. So if you have thought about buying, don't wait. I cannot stress that enough. Don't wait any longer. Find a real estate professional that can answer your questions and give you informed information. We are here to help in any way we possibly can, so please find somebody to advocate for you. Thank you so much for watching. If you like that neighborhood but are looking for something more affordable, check out my video on south grove and Kyle, Texas. If you are interested in new construction, hit like and subscribe for videos of new communities each week. You can also check out this playlist with other community videos!

*Disclaimer - All neighborhoods are different. Please speak to an agent to get all the facts straight. Also, equity is not guaranteed and fluctuates with the real estate market.

If you have questions about new construction, please reach out to me. The builder pays the commission, and it is my job to be knowledgeable about these communities. 

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